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Running a successful programme


Investing in leadership coaching skills has paid dividends for many organisations but there are some simple ‘do’s and ‘don’ts’ to ensure a return on your effort. Here’s how:


  •  Start at the top – employees need to see their leaders using coaching and understand that it works at all levels of the organisation
  •  Manage expectations – coaching skills training doesn’t equip a manager to be a coach or mentor, but does prepare them to use core skills in the workplace
  •  Insist on action – running a course is not enough, insist that delegates use their skills in the work place and measure how they are getting on. Close the 'knowing-doing' gap. 
  •  Build internal capability – take the opportunity to grow internal talent by getting them involved in the programme


  •  Run in isolation of business strategy – make sure the link with your leadership development and business strategy is obvious and logical.
  •  Sheepdip – consider who will get most value from developing coaching skills . Make them your priority.
  •  Use an unqualified supplier – ensure that any training partner can demonstrate real results. Look for professional qualifications and relevant experience. Ask for recommendations. Meet the trainers and check the ‘chemistry’ works
  •  Use an off the shelf programme – tailor the language and models to fit with your business environment. Use a pilot to ensure the content is effective and backed up by robust, up to date material

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